Expression Base

It is an adobe after effects extension that level up the use of expressions for both motion designers and animators. Here is a full list of features that Expression Base supports.

Online Expression Storage

Expression Base allows you to store your custom after effects expressions and any desired public expression in your account and then access them from any device.

All free accounts are limited to 10 after effects expressions slots per account. If you want to store more after effects expressions you can upgrade your account to the Premium version

Public Expressions Access

Public Expressions are a collection of top level after effects expressions that were made by our After effects Gurus and were transformed by our Motion Routes team to be used in Expression Base.

All Expression Base users have access to the public expressions section and are free to use any of them.

You can select the public expression you want and save it in your account.

Search After Effects Expressions by Name or Tags

Expression Base allows you to search for custom after effects expressions in the search panel or public expressions in the public expressions panel by name or tags. You can search for a specific after effects expression by it name or a whole bunch of after effects expressions by their common tags.

Super After Effects Expressions Preloading

Expression Base comes with a preloading feature that allows you to access your stored expressions without the need to load them from our servers each time.

This feature will decrease the time Expression Base takes to load the after effects expressions and enhance its performance for a faster workflow.

Pull and Push Expressions

Expression Base Editor comes with a Pull feature which allows you to extract any expression within a specific property and pull it to the editor. Also it has a Push feature which allows you to inject any expression without the need to save it in your account.

Launch EB with your Custom Shortcut

Its always a good practice to set shortcuts to your common tools when working in After Effects. Thats why you can set any custom shortcut to launch Expression Base search panel without the need to start it from the main window.

Smart Expression Controls

One of Expression Base main features is the Smart Expression Controls. These are a collection of code aliases that allowes you name, create and link an expression control to a variable in your expression code block.

myslider@sCreate a Slider control with myslider as a nameFree & Premium
mycheckbox@cCreate a Checkbox control with mycheckbox as a nameFree & Premium
mylayer@lCreate a Layer control with mylayer as a namePremium Only
mycolor@rCreate a Color control with mycolor as a namePremium Only
mypoint@pCreate a Point control with mypoint as a namePremium Only
my3dpoint@3dpCreate a 3D point control with my3dpoint as a namePremium Only
myangle@aCreate a Angle control with myangle as a namePremium Only
mydropdown@ddCreate a Dropdown Menu control with mydropdown as a name 1Premium Only

Unlimited Expression Slots

Only for Expression Base Premium users.

Expression Base Premium allows you to store unlimited amount of expressions in your account.

Q: Why do limit expression slots in Expression Base Free?

A: Online Storage and Maintenance cost us money thats why we limit expression slots in free accounts

Multiple Expressions Setup

Only for Expression Base Premium users.

Multiple Expressions Injection is another core feature of Expression Base. It allows you apply as many expressions as you want to one or many layers with one single click.

NB: Each expression will be linked to its respective layer automatically.

Master Layer Expressions Control

Only for Expression Base Premium users.

How about linking all of your expressions and their respective expression controls into one single layer?

Thats another core feature of Expression Base. You can simply combine and store all of your expression controls in one single master layer.

This would be super useful for template creators!💪

Share Expressions to Public

Only for Expression Base Premium users.

In our next release we will add this feature to Expression Base Premium where users can submit and share their expressions with the rest of our community.

Expressions for Teams

Only for Expression Base Premium users.

How about storing, accessing and sharing your expressions with your own team? would be super useful right? We plan to add this feature in our next release this year.

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  1. Only available in After Effects CC 2020 and above.